Inevitable Heartbreak | Six Days

Wednesday, we brought Gerald home. We went to Wal-Mart and got him a litter box, food, toys, and a carrier. We wrapped him in a towel to introduce him to our mutts. He slept in the laundry room, and Thursday morning J found him sitting in the washing machine pedestal, having found his way in … Continue reading Inevitable Heartbreak | Six Days


When a Cat Isn’t Just a Cat | Meet Gerald

Our beloved shaggy pooch, Blackjack needed a haircut. It pretty much went downhill from there. Blackjack is a Lab, Catahoula hound mix and needs to be shaved down at the beginning of summer to avoid cooking in his own dense, but luxurious locks. With J’s retirement and the move, I hadn’t had a chance to … Continue reading When a Cat Isn’t Just a Cat | Meet Gerald