Inside Quarantine | Day 1

DATE: March 16, 2020 TO: Prison Superintendent FROM: Prison Warden SUBJECT: Status Update - Quarantine Day 1 Prisoner 0906 and 0424 rose at 0800, dressed, ate breakfast, and straightened their cells before 0900. Prisoner 0323 rose about 0830 and ate breakfast. At 0900, Prisoners 0906 and 0323 announced their need to defecate and requested to … Continue reading Inside Quarantine | Day 1

If you visit the Holts at Christmas | Home Tour

Maybe teaching elementary school is getting to me, or maybe I read If you give a mouse a cookie to my niece 8947569234 times while we were back east for Christmas. Either way, a number of people have been asking for a home tour of our new Texas digs. Christmas is a pretty as the … Continue reading If you visit the Holts at Christmas | Home Tour