Inside Quarantine | Day 1

DATE: March 16, 2020

TO: Prison Superintendent

FROM: Prison Warden

SUBJECT: Status Update – Quarantine Day 1

Prisoner 0906 and 0424 rose at 0800, dressed, ate breakfast, and straightened their cells before 0900. Prisoner 0323 rose about 0830 and ate breakfast.

At 0900, Prisoners 0906 and 0323 announced their need to defecate and requested to read their chosen books in the head. The warden granted permission, with eye rolling. All prisoners read successfully (along with the warden) until 0930. At that time, the older and younger prisoners immediately completed their jobs, while prisoner 0323 decided to visit the showers for 30 minutes.

Prisoner 0906 finished rounds at approximately 0950 and proceeded to the auto yard to begin maintenance on his vehicle. Prisoner 0424 was delayed by 0323’s shower, but eventually finished cleaning the lavs and remanded himself upstairs to engage in a basketball simulation experience.

Prisoner 0323 began his tasks at approximately 1005, shirtless. The warden is trying to ignore the passive resistance.

Midday mess opened between 1200 and 1300. The superintendent made an appearance, which lifted the spirit of the prisoners and the warden. After mess, the prisoners completed the manual labor task assigned by the superintendent. Prisoner 0424 reports that drainage trenches are clear and water is running. The warden notes that standing water on the east side of the complex is still an issue.

Prisoner 0906 returned to the auto yard to upgrade his speaker system. He has some exciting developments to demonstrate to the superintendent when he next returns.

Prisoner 0424 completed KP duty and then staged a death match between small cars on a massive incline. He upgraded his track from yesterday to include a half pipe loop. When devices were returned at 1500, he put aside the cars in favor of his personal device.

Prisoner 0323 wears on the warden’s nerves. Instead of surrendering his device to the warden for analog time, he chose to keep the device, citing needing it to complete calisthenics. The warden gave him a choice between surrendering the device from 1300 to 1500, during analog time, or surrendering the device at 1500 until after evening mess, when the other prisoners had access to their devices. The prisoners lack of response was taken as an affirmative for the latter choice. The warden’s patience grows thin with 0323’s attitude.

During analog time, the warden (also mess cook), prepared sauce for evening mess, as well as rice for general use, and meat to tomorrow’s evening mess. The warden tried to work on her paper, but really, really, really doesn’t want to. She did, however, write emergency lesson plans for her class, in the event that the quarantine continues into a second week. The warden submits a request for Starbucks when the superintendent returns. The nature of her request includes a physically attractive “please” with a small stone fruit on top.

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