Whole30 Day 6 | I Want a Nap and a Cookie (Plus a Menu)

I almost fell asleep in church and J has a cold. We've entered the "I just want a nap" phase. The boys have started having dreams about donuts and chocolate cake. Little One had a major win at a baseball double header when he walked away from his team eating greasy yummy pizza between games. … Continue reading Whole30 Day 6 | I Want a Nap and a Cookie (Plus a Menu)

Whole 30 – Day 1 | Reality

The day started so well. I convinced myself to get up this morning and go to the gym at 8 am. 30 minutes into ellipticising, I got a text that the summer job Flipflops had insisted didn't start until next week was supposed to start today; and he was already 45 minutes late. Great. By … Continue reading Whole 30 – Day 1 | Reality

The Bedding Wars

Our bedroom color scheme is black, white, and grey: a calming oasis of neutral tones in an otherwise chaotic household. I scoured Pinterest for ideas while simultaneously letting our budget remind me to simmer down when I feel like channeling my inner Joanna Gaines (I want to hate her, but she's so freaking amazing). I … Continue reading The Bedding Wars