Confessions of a New Wife…

After the hours planned, dollars spent, and stress endured, J and I finally walked down the aisle a couple of weeks ago. The day was perfect and beautiful: our friends and families were on hand to enjoy the gorgeous venue, delicious food, and amazing atmosphere. Everything was wonderful and we were beyond thrilled that all … Continue reading Confessions of a New Wife…

Doing (almost) everything wrong: instant motherhood.

William Shakespeare once wrote: Substitute greatness with "motherhood" and I fall into that third category. I wasn't born a mom (because...that would be weird) and I didn't achieve motherhood. Instead, I had motherhood thrust upon me. Not with an infant (or two) that I could bond with, nurture, and mold, my kids are fully grown little … Continue reading Doing (almost) everything wrong: instant motherhood.

Stand by Your Man | How to help when there’s nothing you can do

“Sweetheart, I’m exhausted.” His voice on the phone broke my heart a little. God, how do I make this better? I feel so helpless. When J is in pain, I’m in pain. It’s as simple as that. Whether it’s physical pain, like his hurt shoulder from a weekend of snow shoveling, or the weight of … Continue reading Stand by Your Man | How to help when there’s nothing you can do

It’s not about the nail | Understanding women

Stop me if you've heard this one: Woman complains to man. Man tries to offer solutions to fix woman's problem. Woman gets mad at man because she just wanted him to listen. Many gets confused and frustrated because woman is acting crazy. Somebody (Jason Headley) made a short movie about it.</embed&gt; The scary part? … Continue reading It’s not about the nail | Understanding women