Doing (almost) everything wrong: instant motherhood.

William Shakespeare once wrote: Substitute greatness with "motherhood" and I fall into that third category. I wasn't born a mom (because...that would be weird) and I didn't achieve motherhood. Instead, I had motherhood thrust upon me. Not with an infant (or two) that I could bond with, nurture, and mold, my kids are fully grown little … Continue reading Doing (almost) everything wrong: instant motherhood.

My “perfect relationship” is ruining my life.

I am not a morning person. Seriously. I'm under the impression that morning people are a bizarre race of quasi-human and shouldn't be trusted. I have a certain lifestyle to which I have become accustomed and it involves frantic mornings of oversleeping, hasty work preparations and speedy drives to school, while putting on mascara with … Continue reading My “perfect relationship” is ruining my life.