New Title, Same Me

I started The Adventures of EveryGirl over 8 years ago as a way to express my thoughts. It turned into an outlet and a community who helped me through the best and worst times.

But I’ve realized that the focus of the blog – my adventures as an average EveryGirl has gone a bit off-kilter. I’m not really an EveryGirl at all, anymore. I’ve been thrust, suddenly into this new, chaotic life of teenage boys and dogs and now moving across the country (more on that later). This isn’t how normal people’s lives go.

So I’m not ending the blog, in fact, as an act of self-care, I’m going to try to devote time each day to writing, but instead of my own adventures, I’ll be sharing tales of my family, as we adjust to the new dynamic of our lives.

Welcome to Suddenly, Chaos. A blog about life, divine grace, and growing where you’re planted.

Hope you come along for the ride.


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