day 23 | Virtual Party Planning

I’m not having an actual birthday party this year, aside from a tiny family get together this afternoon (the get together is tiny, my family is normal-sized, just to be clear), so I decided to throw myself a little virtual party. All the glamour, none of the clean up, and I don’t have to wear pants. In keeping with the theme of my golden birthday, I’m going with a bit of a grown up princess party thing.

Not Disney Princess. More, fairy-tale-ish? No Grimm Brothers, though. Not fairy princess, either. Whatever, just look.

Birthday CollageLace Crowns|Sequin Dress|Gold Balloon|Lighted Trees|Cupcake Hearts|Straws|Sparkle Print

You can check out more of my ideas for the perfect Golden Birthday on my Pinterest board! Try to ignore that most of them come from baby showers or parties for two-year-olds. It’s my birthday, I’ll do what I want.

Happy Saturday!

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